Thank you Ginger from Baking with Ginger!

baking interview Oct 15, 2020

Hi Tracy,

Did you happen to catch my Facebook live with friend, Ginger Blazek yesterday?  If you did not you can catch the replay here: 

She is an amazing pastry chef, used to own her own bakery...that is until Covid - and now teaches her craft online.

But here's the cool thing.

She's got a 5 Day Holiday Cookie Challenge coming up starting next Monday!

It's just $10 and she'll not only share 3 yummy cookie recipes and show you, step by step all her tips and tricks....BUT she's also going to show you how to package them up beautifully so that - BAM! Instant gift giving!

How cool is that?

If you are an avid baker...or better yet...a beginner like me...this cookie challenge is the perfect thing to jump start you into the holiday spirit!

Hope to see you there!  SIGN UP HERE



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