Learn About How YOU Can Be a Part of a World-Wide Art Movement
(2 Minute Video)


Learn From the Best

Have you ever wanted to take lessons from some of the most sought after artists from around the world? Now you can!

Travel the World - 
At Home

Travel with Tracy and Team across the world to visit amazing locations - all from the comfort of your own home.

I'm Interested!

Hi, I'm Tracy!


As the co-founder for Your Artful Journey (Art Journaling membership), I realize the importance for creating every week, every month, every day. It's a necessary part of my life...it's who I AM.

I'm happy (and a little nervous if I'm honest) to share with you a new opportunity to help me co-create something that I think will be amazing.

A membership like no other.

This idea for "Art Masters" is sparked by my incessant need to better myself and learn all the time.  

My goal with this membership is to bring other "art masters" to YOU. There are SO MANY TALENTED ARTISTS in the world that I want to learn from...and I bet you do too.

Think of this as a cross between Netflix, the old Martha Stewart Living show, and a National Geographic Documentary. Half documentary with interviews of these art masters (their studios, their influences) - and half instructional workshops.

The idea is still raw, and we are developing it RIGHT NOW. So this offer is to get in "on the ground floor" as they say.

For a one time fee, you will have access to this amazing membership for your lifetime. You'll never have to pay again.

The plan is to "officially" open the doors to the membership later this fall, and the price will be an annual fee  for each year, more than this founders offer.

So if this strikes a nerve, creates excitement in your soul, I invite you to join me on my next amazing adventure - traveling the world to bring the best art masters to you!