Paint From Your Heart

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2020

I am glad I returned to blogging and decided I am going to keep this a space for learning and growing. I will share resources, paint brushes, tips and tricks and I am going to keep it real. I love to express myself with painting and words.  So here goes.....

Here is the thing about loss which I will say this week I have experienced once again.  It leaves a void.  You miss that person in your life.  You think about the impact they had and the immediate family that is feeling that loss so much greater. You want to do?  Sometimes there is nothing to do but just be.....

It's real, raw and leaves your heart wide open.  The tears have fallen freely and at random times.  I am at peace with that.  I decided to create from that space:

I decided to share it.  Art does not always have to be light and happy. In fact, I typically create from the best and worse times in life.  Think of all the songs written in the hard times.

Here is the thing about the loss of my dear friend Wes......he would be saying keep going. Keep living. We would clink glasses.  He would give his handsome cowboy grin and make some joke to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.  

What (Wes) lessons are there to be mindful is precious.  Live every moment you are given.  Matter to those who matter in your life.  Be a contributing member of your community.  Give where you can give and love those around you.  Wes made each and every person he met feel special.  He gave, he harvested he helped and when he walked into a room he met each and every person there.  

This week I painted from my heart. I clinked glasses with those who matter so much to me, I watched the sunset, looked up and tears just fell.  We all put one foot in front of the other......

To his family who I love so dearly........thanks for sharing him with us!  I am a better person for having him in my life.  Thanks to God for surrounding us.  To his friends and family who all feel that void what a gift that we all were made to fee so special.  "Everyone finds their own path to grieve...the heart leads" to quote a wise person (Deborah M)

So where is the art lesson you ask?  Create from you heart and share that space when you are comfortable.  


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