Facebook LIVE Interview October 14, 2020 with Annette Tello, M.S.

facebook live interview Sep 26, 2020

I am excited to interview Annette Tello, M.S on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 on my TWS Facebook Page LIVE from 5:00 pm PST to 5:30 pm.  Following my interview at 5:30 pm will be a LIVE free drawing Demo: 

 Annette Tello, M.S. is an experienced counselor, cancer survivor specialist, life coach, author, artist, and cancer survivor. Annette is the author of the award-winning book, Creative Prescriptions™ for Women with Cancer. For the last six years, she has specialized in working with cancer patients and survivors.

Annette works with survivors who want to transform their lifestyle to reduce the risk of re-occurrence. She helps you reduce the fear of uncertainty by being proactive in your health. She helps survivors move forward in their lives as a stronger, wiser, more emotionally-healthy, and creative version of themselves after cancer.

To reach her: www.annettetello.com

For the creative medicine worksheet:




Creative Prescriptions for Women with Cancer is a creative first-aid kit that specifically addresses many of the challenges faced by cancer patients. This guide will help you to tap into your inherent ability to be creative and its potential to heal physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Creativity is your "prescription" to reduce stress, raise spirits, and facilitate the healing process.

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